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Natural bath Namu Sira Sira is located in the village of Linga Blinteng and Durian, is the object of the present stream of natural bath and cool fresh air. bjek is in the irrigation dam project Namu Sira Sira, District Bingai River, Langkat travel approximately 18 Km away from the center of Binjai. Although an irrigation dam project area, but the location is quite beautiful to visit. Because, in addition to seeing the swift flow of water in the irrigation dam, the river, also has a beautiful natural scenery is still beautiful. So almost every week, hundreds of visitors thronged the site to wash the eyes. In addition to beautiful, the location is also ve
ry close, can be reached within 30 minutes from the city Binjai. To go to the site, visitors can use two or four wheels. Attraction to the location of infrastructure has also been smooth. In addition to irrigation dams view Namu Sira-Sira, visitors are also free to indulge themselves in the shallow rocky river. Enjoy the swift currents Bingai River which divides the district. Equally important, visitors can also enjoy the cool water of the river, visitors who enjoy sports rafting (rafting) can also be tested by visiting the campsite Binge adrenalin rafting, Alam Jaya Baru Namu Sira-sira area, Langkat. At this location there is a fairly rocky river rapids. In fact, the number of visitors both from Langkat and outside the region, has a lot to try out the swift river currents Bingei. In fact, many of them addicted arum water rafting on the surface. A number of local people, the newspaper admitted that, even though they reside in the area of ​​attraction, but they do not get enough of enjoying the beauty of the baths is Namu Sira-Sira. In fact, they are coming just for the mere 'eye wash'. "In hindsight, we have every day to see this area, but still not bored to come back again. Because every time, the area is like a capricious, mengingkuti stream. If the flow of major rivers, the greater the waterfall from the irrigation dam, but if the water is shallow river, great landscapes, "said Alan Sitepu (23), the local community. If the weather is good, almost every evening, dozens of young people taking the time to watch the irrigation dam is Namu Sira-Sira. In fact, not uncommon among them, perpetuating the swift flow of current dams in the company of her lover.

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