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Mentawai Islands is famous for its beautiful beaches.
The waves are high can be used for surfing activities (surfing).
Mentawai Islands Surfing is an icon that has been known throughout the world. Several times it has been an international surfing competition held here. No less than 400 "Surfing Spot" (surfing spot) that can be used as the location of surfing.

surfing activity can be done at several beaches located in the Mentawai islands. The beaches are: Beaches Nyangnyang, Bajat Coral Coast, Beach Karoniki, and the Coast Pananggelat Mainuk all of which are located in the District of South Siberut. In addition to the District of South Siberut, in District Sipora there are also several beaches like Bosua Katiet Beach and South Beach. While in the District of North Pagai there is the West Coast.

undefined Mentawai Sea, ranging from the surf to the seabed has a fantastic wealth and potential. The high waves that some of them into the category of extreme, making the Mentawai as one of the popular tourist attraction in the world of surfing.

Exercise surfing is usually done from April to October. Given that, in these months the waves in the Mentawai islands reached its zenith and the surfers can use it for surfing. While in the November to March, the waves in the Mentawai islands are not so high, so it is not challenging enough to be used surfing.

surfing activities are located in three districts, including the District of South Siberut, Sipora District and District of North Pagai included in Islands District Mentawai, West Sumatra, Indonesia.
Location surfing attraction can be reached by motor boat.

To enter the Mentawai Islands, the tourists can use the services of a guide or use the services of tour operators. For lodging, lodging in the Mentawai Islands are available along the seaside.
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