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Written By Unknown on Sunday, April 29, 2012 | Sunday, April 29, 2012

Lake Batur and the environment is a fascinating part of Bali, where to visit. The lake itself is in the crater of Mount Batur and has many fascinating stories to tell if you round the outer edge of this volcano. The scenery is very picturesque, because there are several large hills that frame the landscape. Depending on the time of day, if you visit in the morning, you’re a bright blue sky and a backdrop of a rugged landscape, see the later the more likely scenario is to be decorated with wild clouds that cling to the hills of hide their beaks, that they make a beautiful image when picking your way in this area.
The weather is very nice because it has risen some height / distance of the crater to make a one-day visit here a welcome experience and tranquility of the beautiful sun of Bali
Sitting on the other side of the lake and sandwiched between the water and the edge of the mountain is a mysterious people. It is mysterious, not because people are known by the natives of Bali, as they are before the Indian settlers to this island in the 16th century came from the Hindu kingdom of Majapahit. This town is famous for the temple of Jagat Pura Pancering, unfortunately, visitors are not allowed in this temple. The inhabitants of this historic island only contact with the outside world is by wooden boats and no roads are able to reach these people.
They keep most cultures have their own habits that are unique to themselves. In particular, unlike its neighbors in contact rather than bury their dead (buried is the key word here) on the ground wrapped in bamboo, and then taken by the lake to an area that lies at the foot of a tree large, called Taru Menyan. Taru means ‘tree’ and Menyan means “pleasant smell that the body is left to decompose naturally, says there is no smell like the Taru Menyan more than makes up the smell of a decomposing body.
It is said that the area around this tree can only be visited by men of the village as a visit from a woman would be an unprecedented disaster to carry out the people, as a volcanic eruption, therefore women are forbidden to visit the area.
This area is a must for anyone with a more rounded and fascinating region.

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