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Along the way we can enjoy the beautiful scenery to the left and right beside the road we could see the sights of tea and tobacco plantations, and the daily activities of the people of North Sumatra.  Berastagi is the main tourist destination at the Tanah Karo is situated at an altitude of about 4.594 feet The sea level surrounded by mountain ranges from low-mountain, a cool air from the farm fields stretch Beautiful, Spacious, green.  Berastagi is a tourist destination the region has a complete facility in Tanah Karo, such as five-star hotel, restaurant, cheap golf etc. Up To hotel rates relative to the AFFORDABLE.  Berastagi town is also known by the nickname “Orange Sweet Passion”.
Before entering the Brastagi we will pass the ginger Kaban, here are many tea plantations and tobacco plantations, traditional markets around this Kaban ginger.Activities traders and buyers in the market deserve to be photographed, and people are very friendly with the arrival of tourists and tourists who see.  After that we went on a trip to Berastagi, here the air gets colder and colder.  He wanted to stop by the coffee dikedai coffee and enjoy the scenery around the mountains.  From the city of “Passion Orange Sweet &” Brastagi, visitors enjoy beautiful scenery Which Will Towards The Mountains are still active, that is cheap Sibayak mountain mountain climbing mountain Sibayak Sinabung.Untuk required approximately 3 hours drive cheaper We can enjoy the beautiful scenery in  the mountains or get Time 3 Up to 4 hours away in the woods to see in it the natural wealth of flora and fauna Good Around The forest.
Tourist Information North Sumatra Berastagi mountain Sibayak  Tourist Information   North Sumatra   Berastagi is the main tourist  destination with Travel Agronomy, the peak tourist And Various NatureBerastagi is a very beautiful area, a region that is located in North Sumatra which has a height of 1400 meters above sea level
 The air here is clean and cool, this is because it is surrounded by mountains and forests – forests that are very beautiful.Does not feel the way a lot of fun for 1.5 hours.  From the hill we can enjoy the green scenery and could see the mountain Sibayak and Sinabung.  Sibayak volcano is still active today and has a height of 2000 meters, this mountain Sibayak location not far from Berastagi.  In addition to fruits, also known as a producer Brastagi-Different Types of
Vegetables vegetables, fruits, flowers cheap.  In the city’s Tourism BETWEEN Brastagi implemented some other event “Feast of Flowers Fruit & cheap” Cultural Festival “Party Mejuah juah-” What is held every year.  Tanah Karo also has a tradition of hereditary Already done that is “Work In” The organized every year by People Living in a region or Karo Already Coming Back to wander the village has been mutually Families TO inexpensive stay in touch.
After that we continued touring Tongging, there is a large waterfall that Sipiso Piso waterfall.  Piso name means knife, sharp and waterfalls are surrounded by a deep ravine in northern Sumatra tana, the distance to the location of this waterfall is 24 km from Kabanjahe.  and is located around the edges.  Arriving Sipiso based Piso Waterfall, loss of feeling exhausted by the river and scenic waterfall that looks straight is very beautiful.  Eve was very cold because of debris emanating from the ears of water waterfall wet our face that makes us linger longer live under, after taking some photos we finally continued our journey to the top.  At the back of the new road was tired, because it does not feel like being down to the waterfall.  And now we have to climb and more.  Northern part of Lake Toba.  It’s has views of waterfalls and ravines are very beautiful, high-piso waterfall Sipiso about 130 meters.  I am very interested to get to this waterfall, as the distance from the top to the bottom of the waterfall is quite a lot when on foot.  Finally I decided to walk down the path to the Waterfall Sipiso piso, walking steep curve and this should be very careful.  Many roads have been damaged and not infrequently we have to crawl and clinging to the side of the road, it is advisable to use shoes and drinking water to taste.  Fortunately, in all its many houses are made for the rest of the pedestrians, so if you are not strong or sudden rain during the trip we can get enough rest.

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